0161 Community promotes a strong, unified Mancunian working class identity – people of all backgrounds uniting to take control of their neighbourhoods. We seek to empower the unheard and provide youth with skills, guidance and confidence.

"Amazing grass roots community work. We need to be doing more of this."
Michelle Smith
“Really good resource in our community, brings great individual ideas into the working class community. They have no links to the authorities where others have a vested interest through funding initiatives linked to the authorities.”
Nic L
“Brilliant initiative. Keep up the great work. Would highly recommend.”
James L
“Proper looking out for manc people nice one folks.”
P. O’Neill
“Brilliant initiative, leading the way. I hope other collectives copy this fine example.”
Alex N
"Thanks to Curzon and 0161 Community for inviting us here, all the community came together and we had a brilliant time today. By coming here today we just want to say that St George's Day is for everyone and good community cohesion."
Holy Trinity C.C