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Thanks for reading this – already you’re helping 0161 community more than you could know.

Clicks, likes, favourites, shares and time spent on 0161 Community pages helps the algorithms understand how important the work we do is. The more clicks, the more likes, the more subscribers and followers we have – the more these algorithms will promote the group to others. 

0161 Community holds fundraisers for specific projects. The response to these fundraisers is truly outstanding and we are often humbled by the financial support that our supporters can provider- pennies or pounds, it all makes a huge difference in building towards our collective objectives:

1. Promote a strong unified, working class identity.

2. Uniting people to take control of their neighbourhoods.

3. To empower the unheard and provide all with skills, guidance and confidence.

4. Promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.

5. To encourage conversation and exchange of knowledge of our working class history.

However, this is mutual aid – not charity. It’s bigger than that! The money helps run projects but there are SO MANY other things you can do if you can’t give financially (or if you can give financially and you want to do more).

If you do one or more of any of these actions – you are top! 

  • Like, subscribe and share our Facebook page and Instagram account.
  • Talk about 0161 Community to the people around you- friends, neighbours, colleagues, strangers. Read the objectives and look at our projects for inspiration! 
  • React to, comment on, and share as many posts as you can!
  • Volunteer with us. We don’t ask for much – but if you have spare time, get in touch. You may have just the skill or contact we’re looking for. 
  • Keep an eye out for places we can make a difference and let us know.
  • Give us information: see someone chucking out a load of books – get in touch. Does a food retailer have spare bits left and doesn’t know what to do with them – get in touch. Have you seen something else going spare – get in touch.
  • Come to one of our events and get involved. We’re all members of the Greater Manchester community – this is for all of us. Seriously, everyone who comes down has a good time. Don’t hold back. We want you there. 
  • Have we said talk about us and share our social media yet? Word of mouth and communication is the best way to build a community.

So there you have it. Let’s build this together.

Nice one everyone.

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